A database and platform for building
healthcare IT solutions using openEHR standards

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EHRDB Use Cases

EHRDB for storage
EHRDB allows to create a long-term CDR (Clinical Data Repository) storage for patient records using openEHR standard. It can be scaled from a single medical organisation to a regional level.
EHRDB for applications
EHRDB provides a set of services (SDK) allowing to create business healthcare applications like doctor's user interface, mobile applications, backend application with specific domain logic involved in healthcare process.
EHRDB for analytics
EHRDB provide a set of tools allowing to analyse clinical data at population level.

EHRDB Architecture

EHRDB is a backend application built with Java on top of PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Apache Cassandra for maximum performance speed and unlimited scalability.

EHRDB is build using multitenant archetecture allowing to run service on a single hardware for multiple tenants or projects. The feature allows to deploy a cloud solution.
Security & Access Control
OAuth2 and flexible security management to access data or administrator features.
openEHR Templates
Allows to manage openEHR template versions and convert to application readable formats like XML, TDD or JSON representation.
openEHR Clinical storage
Allows to store and retrieve openEHR clinical data like EHR, Composition, Folders. openEHR Reference Model 1.0.4 supported, support for BMM coming soon.
AQL queries
Allows to run ad-hoc and streaming AQL queries against single or multiple EHR.
Audit and logging
Allows to log and audit all the events.
System management and UI dashboard
Provides REST API and User interface for system management.
Allow to create a stored procedures using AQL and JavaScript.
Allows to move clinical data based on AQL query to external RDBMS storage and keep it realtime synchronised allowing business application to use it.
Application resources
Allows to store forms resources or tags from external applications.
Allows to store a temporal application data before sending it to the server.
Allows to subscribe with AQL or JavaScript for clinical events and notify external service with formatted object.
Clinical Data Migration
Allows to import data from external openEHR CDR storages. Multiple drivers supported.
API Client libraries
Allows easy integration with native Java Client library and OpenAPI.